Job Opening at HIMARC: Development Engineer

Current vacancy:

Engineering Software Environments

HIMARC Simulations sells and uses some of the world’s most advanced software for modeling and analyzing electromagnetic equipment and effects, including (but not limited to) coupling to thermal and structural effects. HIMARC Simulations has developed additional modeling tools, which deliver customized, user friendly design solutions for a wide range of specialized applications, including a diverse range of machines and consumer devices. They also provide highly accurate solutions for defense and transport customers, specialized modeling techniques for a wide range of scientific, medical & industrial clients as well as a wide range of communication products.

Development Engineer:

The Role

Reporting to the Development Manager, the Development Engineer will take responsibility for the development and support of the user environments of finite element based software for 2D and 3D multi-physics simulation software and its interface to existing simulation software and hardware.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Analyze end users’ needs and design, construct, deploy, and maintain specialized utility programs. Utilize different programming languages, including C, C++, Java, and Python. Specify the functional requirements for interactive software environments including ergonomics, engineering inputs and outputs; to ensure the development of intuitive software environments with emphasis on ease of use and to support the software throughout its product life cycle.
  • Develop packaged computer applications or create or adapt customized applications for Hi-tech organizations. Develop databases.
  • Test, debug and document software products that are developed in the group.
  • Keep abreast with advances in software environments and use this information to define.
  • Coordinate the construction, maintenance, and expansion of an organization’s computer simulations needs. Manage and carry out development projects in accordance with timescales and budgets agreed with the Development Manager.
  • Attend and report at development and project meetings.
  • Represent the Company at conferences and exhibitions, and to present technical papers at such events as required.


Degree level or equivalent in a relevant technical discipline, with an understanding of the design of software environments and their engineering applications. Competent in programming in both C++ and Qt. Demonstrable track record in a related technical role.

Qualities and Competencies

Strong communication and interpersonal skills with a confident professional image

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